Hair Styling

Starter Locs

There are several styles– such as braids, two-strand twist, comb twist/coils or palm rolls–That you can choose from to start off your locs. The starter stage of the loc process can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your hair type and how fast it grows.

Two-Strand Twists

Great protective style for natural unlocked hair. This very low-maintenance style can last for days or weeks. You will be able to cleanse and condition while also protecting your hair’s ends.

Loc extensions

Provides the most natural looking locs that will be securely attached at the root of your natural hair using 100% kinky human hair. Loc extensions provide instant locs, help thinning or damaged locs or add the amount of loc extensions needed into your hair for fullness. This is a permanent service that can last you for the rest of your life with the proper maintenance and care.

Hair Maintenance

Loc Repair

In order to keep your locs healthy and thriving, our loc repair provides a consistent regimen by tightening roots, smoothing out loops/bumps, weaving/tucking in loose hairs, thickening roots, smoothing out loops/bumps, weaving /tucking in loose hairs, thickening thin spots, palm rolling, separating dreads and repairing thin or broken locs.

Loc Maintenance

Like other natural hairstyles locs need to be kept clean. The tighter the locs are , the fewer stray hairs you will have and the smoother the locs will look. Shampooing and conditioning your locs is essential to keeping your locs tight.

Loc Detoxing

Looking for a deep cleanse for your locs? Our loc detox will remove product build-up with our natural soaking regiment.

Coloring And Treatments

Hair Coloring

Enjoy our protective hair coloring for beautiful natural hair. We provide a color treatment to the full head or provide highlights to locs or natural hair textures.

Scalp Treatments

Clean your locs with our amazing natural hair care products such as our “Like Velvet Shea butter”. This treatment helps to stimulate the scalp for hair growth, keeps scalp and skin moisturized for hair growth, breakage prevention and provides long lasting luxurious locs.


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All Natural Ingredients


Castor Oil
Mineral Oil
Vitamin Oil
Grape Sea Oil
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter

Natural Hair Products

Locs4Life Bundle Collection

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Locs4Life Collection provides rejuvenating hair care for natural hair textures.

This lightweight formula awakens and revitalizes the scalp, strengthens and refreshes hair, helps with detangling leaving a smooth and soft revitalizing texture.

Locs4Life Collection also supplies an essential dose of quality vitamins and nutrients for hair growth.

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If you live in Baltimore, you must go visit Locs4Life Hair Salon for your natural hair needs. Deirdre’ is such a seasoned hair stylist who knows what she is doing without hesitation. Customer service is top notch here and I look forward to going back every time. Thanks Locs4Life!


I have to admit, I’m a tough customer. Went to see Deirdre’ and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the best loc maintenace and style I’ve ever had. Thanks Loc4Life!


Long time client of Deirdre’!

She has great service and really takes her time getting to know you and what’s the best approach to style and maintain your natural hair texture.


EXCELLENT SERVICE!! My locs started looking better after my very first appointment. More importantly, her handmade products are out of this world! Her butter, gel and moisturizing spray are now my-maintenance mainstays. Best Loctician in the business!

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